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I had a blast playing this.  Thanks for the nostalgia trip!

Long live dwarf fortress graphics

Is there a way to end the game? The game froze as I killed the final boss and when I loaded back in it was dead, but there appears to be no way to trigger ending / submitting high score?

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That shouldn't happen. See if there is a folder called logs created in the same location as the game, there should be a crash log inside it.

If you send me your save file, I'll see if I can submit your score for you. I just found the bug. Your save file can be found in C:\Users\[name]\Forest RL\save

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Okay cool :) What is the best way for me to send these to you?

Great game by the way. It was simple but fun, would love to see more like this for sure!

Upload it to a file hosting site or dropbox and send me the link.

Thanks! I'm glad you like it.

Contains log file (it created a bunch of them and they were all idential and made at the same time) and it contains the .dat file

I'm tried opening your save file but nothing I do on my system seems to work, I'm afraid I'm unable to submit your score. I've tried reverting to old code but it seems to be broken. Very sorry.

After I put in my name and select my character the game just loads forever. I'd love to try the game, but I can't get past this screen :/

I'm sorry to hear that, does it do this every time you try and make a new game? Is there a folder called log in the same location as the game?

I think I've fixed the issue, try downloading v1.1.1.

Sorry, I wasn't on itch for a while so I didn't see your comment.

Everything works perfectly now, thanks! Game is great too, I hope to see some updates in the future :)

nice little game, keep up the good work.

Its only too easy :(

Thanks! I'll work on the balance and difficulty.

Also, you might want to add space to the controls list ;)


I downloaded and played it and I still have no idea what mana does

Mana is used by Spellbooks when enchanting equipment.

This looks really cool! I haven't played it yet, but I'm definitely going to when I have time :)